Wiper Blade Replacement in Toronto, ON

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A good pair of windshield wipers enhances your visibility and keeps you safe on the road by removing snow, debris and excessive water from your windshield, and many car owners still overlook quality wipers. Many opt for the cheapest windshield wipers, but did you know that not all windshield wipers are designed to fit your Nissan, and if they do fit, they won’t give the desired performance? That’s exactly why you should visit Avenue Nissan, an all-inclusive car dealership in Toronto, Ontario, for all things Nissan. We offer a wide range of genuine windshield wiper blades and wiper replacement services that your car needs to continue offering you enhanced visibility and a safe driving experience. Continue reading to learn how our experienced service professionals help you find the right windshield wipers for your Nissan and other things about the importance of windshield wipers.

Nissan Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement

The comprehensive inventory of Nissan windshield wiper blades available at Avenue Nissan contains hand-picked wiper blades to ensure premium quality, delivering optimized performance in all possible weather and road conditions. Our industry-trained technicians recommend installing genuine OEM Nissan wiper blades when replacing older ones, as they fit properly to all Nissan makes and models and promise optimized performance for longer.

How Do You Know You Need a Windshield Wiper Replacement?

Like other parts of your car, wiper blades also have an expiration date. The everyday wear and tear affects their efficiency in properly clearing and cleaning your windshield. It is normally recommended to get new windshield wipers every six months, but extreme weather conditions — like heavy snowfalls or sudden downpours —may tell you to replace or change the wiper blades sooner rather than later. If you’re wondering how you will know your windshield wiper blades need replacing, here are some common symptoms you may start to experience:

  • Worn-out wiper rubber
  • Compromised windshield wipers’ performance or inefficiency in cleaning the windshield
  • Smearing or streaking
  • Vibrating wipers
  • Damaged or bent wiper frames

Get Your Windshield Wiper Blades Replaced at Avenue Nissan

Visit Avenue Nissan at 1661 Avenue Rd, Toronto, ON, to shop for new windshield wiper blades for your Nissan vehicle. One of our highly experienced technicians can help you with windshield wiper blades installation, using our up-to-the-minute equipment and OEM recommendations. To schedule a windshield wiper replacement appointment, call us at 416-783-3303, today!