Tire Swap in Toronto, ON

New Tires for a New Season

Whether it’s winter tires for the snow or performance tires under the sun, when the weather changes, it’s time to consider cycling your tires. The question is, do you know the difference between a tire changeover and a tire swap? The team here at Avenue Nissan knows, and you can read on to find out for yourself.

Tire Changeover

A tire changeover is when you replace the rubber of your tires, but leave the existing wheels in place. The good news with this option is that it has a lower initial overhead – the only thing you’re buying is a second set of tires. The downside is that this is a time consuming process, as technicians need to carefully remove the existing tires from your wheels. More time means a costlier service call, and that can quickly start to offset that lower initial cost.




Tire Swap

A tire swap is when both the tires and wheels are removed from the vehicle, and switched with the new set. The bad news is this does cost more up front, as you’ll be paying for both the rubber and replacement wheel. However, a tire swap is a very quick and easy process. You’ve seen race cars get their wheels switched in seconds, and it doesn’t take much longer than that in our service center. Quicker service also means less costly service, and over time you may end up saving in the long run.




Best Tires for the Job

Depending on the season, you should seriously consider switching for winter, all-season, or even summer performance tires. We’d be happy to help you get the right set of tires for your vehicle at a great price. If you already have a set but haven’t had the chance to switch them out, book a service appointment with us as soon as possible!




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