Tire Storage at Avenue Nissan

Store Your Spare Tires in Toronto, ON

When you change your vehicle’s tires every summer or winter, you’re left with a set of tires that need to be stored properly throughout the following season so that they remain protected against everyday wear and tear and are ready to perform again when you swap them back. The set of spare tires takes up valuable space in your apartment or garage and is especially burdensome when you have limited space to store them properly. If you’re struggling to keep your tires safe and in optimum condition when not in use, check out Avenue Nissan’s affordable and safe tire storage services in Toronto, ON, ensuring your tires always remain in good shape at all times. Read on to learn more about the benefits of storing your tires with us.

Why Do You Need Tire Storage?

Due to limited space, most car owners stack their winter tires or summer tires one above the other like pancakes, which is a wrong technique because this can significantly affect the longevity of the tires. Moreover, when you store your tires in the open, on your balcony or backyard, they get exposed to excessive sunlight or harmful ultraviolet rays, accelerating the breakdown of rubber compounds.

What are the Benefits of Storing Your Tires at Avenue Nissan?

When you use our onsite tire storage services, you get a handful of benefits besides convenience and great peace of mind. Some of the top benefits you must look forward to include:

  • Expert handling: Our trained technicians know how to handle and care for all the different types of tires. Using our state-of-the-art technology and well-thought-out storage technique, our technicians ensure your spare tires remain in top condition, meaning you can sit back and relax, knowing your tires are in good hands. 
  • Added durability: At Avenue Nissan, we store your tires vertically, ensuring each of the tires gets enough space to avoid deformations and damages, adding greatly to their high-performing lifespan. 

Store Your Tires at Avenue Nissan

Take the stress off yourself, and trust Avenue Nissan’s tire storage services in the GTA to safely store your tires when not in use. Besides safe storage space, we also provide all-year-around tire installation, maintenance and repair services to make sure your tires remain in optimal condition. Visit our dealership at 1661 Avenue Rd, Toronto, ON or call us at (416) 783-3303, today to learn more about our reliable tire storage services.