Oil Change in Toronto, ON

Right after filling up with gas, getting your oil changed is the most common regular maintenance you’ll be doing on your vehicle. This is because good engine health starts with clean oil. Leaving your oil neglected can not only cause the engine to run less efficiently and cleanly, it can also lead to serious mechanical problems down the road. Read on as the service experts here at Avenue Nissan run down a little bit more about the benefits of regularly getting your oil changed.

How Does Clean Oil Help My Engine?

The main thing to remember is that oil is what keeps your engine running smoothly. As it runs, dirt and particulate matter will start to get into your oil, reducing the overall viscosity. When the engine isn’t running smoothly, this causes more friction, which can lead to dangerous overheating, or even potential clogging in the system. This leads to more wear-and-tear on the mechanical components of your engine, which could cause breakdowns or even seizing. Regular oil changes are an easy way to help prevent a much more costly engine repair.




Does Clean Oil Make My Vehicle Run Better?

Yes! An engine running smoothly is an engine which isn’t working as hard. This means it’s using less fuel to pump those pistons, and you can get better efficiency on the road. In addition to saving you a couple dollars at the gas pump, a clean running engine is also better for the environment. When dirty oil is being burned by the engine, it releases more toxic hydrocarbons into the air.




How Often Should I Get An Oil Change?

A good starting point is every six months – ideally the spring and the fall. Not only is that a good time to get your oil changed, we can inspect your vehicle for other regular maintenance which needs done. When you leave, our team will give you an estimated date to schedule your next oil change by, but also a recommended number of kilometers driven – the more you drive, the more often you should take your vehicle for service.




Schedule Your Oil Change with Avenue Nissan

Our team is happy to help you with any of your vehicle’s maintenance needs, including your regular oil change. Book your next service appointment with Avenue Nissan in Toronto, ON, today, and we’ll be sure to get you back on the road as soon as possible.