Nissan Multi-Point Inspection in Toronto, ON

What’s Included in a Nissan Multi-Point Inspection at Avenue Nissan?

To ensure every part and system of your Nissan works in top condition, it requires routine maintenance and service. Some car issues are easily identifiable, whereas there are others that might go unnoticed without a closer inspection. This is why the factory-trained technicians at Avenue Nissan recommend you get your Nissan vehicle a thorough, multi-point inspection to determine the root cause of any prolonged auto problem or, in general, to ensure your vehicle performs optimally at all times. Getting a multi-point inspection once or twice a year ensures that your car is being examined by experts to keep your vehicle from having serious problems, affecting its overall performance, efficiency and condition. Keep reading to learn more about what’s all included in the Nissan multi-point inspection at Avenue Nissan and why you should consider getting one for your Nissan.

What Gets Examined In a Multi-Point Inspection?

At our dealership, we have a pretty long list of auto services included in our multi-point inspection, checking everything to ensure everything is in top order:


We inspect your Nissan’s battery to make sure it is free of corrosion/rust and outputs the maximum power for a long-standing performance.


We check all fluid levels, including engine oil, coolant, transmission fluid, brake oil and washer fluid, to determine if there are any leaks. Also, if need be, we also top up and/or replace them with the top-quality oils available at our service center.


By carefully examining the drive belts for any cracks, fraying or loosening and the rubber hoses for damages and leaks, we ensure that the engine is in good condition.


Along with the cabin air filters, we examine your car’s air conditioner, radiator and heater to make sure they work properly and have no leaks.


Your vehicle’s lights play an important role in offering enhanced visibility, especially during dull and dark road conditions. That's why we perform a detailed examination to ensure your headlights, taillights, brake lights, cabin lights, and other lighting systems work properly.


We take a look at your brake pads to ensure they aren’t worn, replacing if need be.


Using our OEM-recommended techniques and industry-standard practices, we ensure that all four tires of your car are free from wear and tear and have the correct tire pressure for great performance.


We examine your car's underbody to ensure everything is in proper working order, including the steering and suspension. We also look for signs of rusting or corrosion.


Our service team checks each and every button, including the power windows, horn, locks, mirror adjustments, and push-button start, to ensure they operate properly.

Schedule Your Multi-Point Inspection with Avenue Nissan

Has it been a while since you had a thorough inspection of your vehicle or are you having trouble with your vehicle? Now is the perfect time to schedule a multi-point inspection at Avenue Nissan, where your Nissan gets the best treatment from our factory-trained technicians. To schedule an appointment, call us at 416-783-3303 or visit our dealership at 1661 Avenue Rd, Toronto, ON, today!