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Filter Maintenance at Avenue Nissan

Some car owners often understate the importance of car filters despite how important they are to keep your vehicle and its important components/parts protected against debris, mildew and dust particles. Car filters are responsible for providing you with a safe abode, as well as ensuring the proper functioning of your vehicle. Like other essential parts and systems, car filters also require routine and proper maintenance so they don’t get clogged and become unfit to provide proper protection against harmful contaminants. From cabin filters to oil filters, learn all about your car filters with our experts at Avenue Nissan, along with the importance of getting a routine filter service.

How Regular Filter Maintenance Helps Your Nissan

With time, you may notice a loss of power, the check engine light comes on, dirty smoke from the exhaust, and sometimes engine failure, which may indicate that your car’s filters need servicing or replacement. Filter maintenance is a thorough process to ensure that all your Nissan filters offer the benefits they are designed for. At our dealership, we have a team of experienced, industry-trained technicians who use OEM recommendations and up-to-the-minute equipment and technologies to repair different car filters, and if they notice any sign of severe damage, replace them with a new one, ensuring your Nissan remains free from harmful contaminants and impurities.



Filter Maintenance: Cabin, Air, Fuel & Oil Filters

Besides protecting your Nissan against impurities, car filters ensure that it remains in proper order through the free flow of air and fluids. Read below about some of the most critical filters and how they ensure all your Nissan’s systems operate to their full potential.

  • Cabin filters ensure your car’s interior is safe and healthy by restricting dust and pollen from entering the cabin.
  • Fuel filters remove impurities like rust, dust and grit (as much as possible) from the fuel. They also protect the fuel injectors to ensure excellent performance and longevity of your car engine.
  • Oil filters maintain the continuous and proper flow of oil through different components and systems of your Nissan. They also work efficiently to remove dirt, metallic particles, and oxidized oil from the system.
  • Air filters prevent dust, sand, debris and other contaminants from entering the engine, ensuring top performance and efficiency.

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Trust the trained technicians at Avenue Nissan with your Nissan filter service and maintenance. You can stop by our dealership at 1661 Avenue Rd, Toronto, ON or visit our website to schedule a filter service at your preferred date and time. Got any questions about filter service? Call us at 416-783-3303, today!