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Are you neglecting your Nissan’s battery? If you consider the engine the heart of your car, remember that the heart will not pump without a battery. So, if you’re overlooking your car battery’s health, you must immediately stop and give it your due attention. A battery is a powerhouse that makes the engine and all the other electric components, including the headlights, HVAC system and windshield wipers, run properly to let you enjoy a smooth drive throughout. Now that we’ve reminded you how important your car battery is, you should schedule a battery service appointment at Avenue Nissan, where our industry-trained technicians use their years of experience and OEM recommendations to take care of all kinds of — old and new — Nissan car batteries. Follow along to learn what goes into our battery maintenance, detailed inspection and a few other things about car batteries from

Why Your Nissan Needs Battery Service

Simply put, a properly functioning battery adds to the lifespan and performance of your Nissan. It powers the defroster, LED headlights, windshield wipers, power steering and other electronic components of your vehicle. But with time, a car battery starts to degrade and you need to keep up with its condition via regular maintenance, thorough inspections and detailing. And, if need be, you need to replace the old battery with a new one to restore the seamless performance of your vehicle. Moreover, a failed battery puts pressure on the engine, starter and alternator, affecting the car’s overall performance, as well as durability.

What Are the Symptoms of a Dying Battery?

A dying battery is inconvenient at its best, and at worst it can be really dangerous, as it may leave you stranded on the roadside or icy cold in extremely cold weather conditions. That’s why you must keep an eye on some common symptoms, indicating a degrading car battery, such as:

  • Slow cranking or squeaking when you start your Nissan
  • Cabin lights begin to dim
  • Exterior lights, including headlamps, taillights and DRLs, start to dim
  • Need to jumpstart your car
  • Clicking noises when trying to turn the key

Why You Should Get a Genuine Battery for Your Nissan

Many Nissan drivers may rely on online methods to find cheap car batteries in Toronto, but not all batteries are designed to fit in your Nissan vehicle. That’s why you should always use genuine batteries to power your car. Moreover, genuine Nissan batteries are thoughtfully engineered specifically to work with the key electrical components of your Nissan. On top of that, when you shop for a car battery at an exclusive Nissan dealership like Avenue Nissan, you get 5 years of coverage plus a complimentary battery diagnostic test.




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