Summer Performance Tires in Toronto, ON

When ice and snow are covering our streets, we all know it’s important to get a good set of winter tires on our vehicles. Did you also know that there are tires specifically designed for summer roads? All-season tires are perfectly adequate, but if you want a truly excellent driving experience, you might consider investing in a set of summer performance tires. If you want to learn more about what they are and how they work, read on with the team here at Avenue Nissan in Toronto, ON.

What Are Summer Tires?

As opposed to winter tires, which are designed to excel on cold weather roads, summer performance tires are built for warm-weather driving. They’re built using rubber which becomes more flexible in warm weather, allowing them to conform to the road and offer better traction. They also have a lighter tread with less grooving, allowing more rubber to contact the pavement for excellent handling. Not only does this make your vehicle more responsive during cornering and braking, it also helps improve fuel economy on those long summer drives.




What About the Rain?

Summer performance tires aren’t just designed with dry roads in mind. The grooves in the treat are engineered to push water away from the tire, which lets the rubber maintain better contact with the road even in the rain. This also helps your vehicle remain stable and avoid hydroplaning when driving through puddles.



What About the Cold?

Once the weather dips below 7 degrees, it’s time to consider swapping for your winter tires. Summer performance tires are not built for winter, and start to firm up when the weather gets cold. Not only will this stop them from properly gripping the road, it can also cause undue stress on them, which will make them wear out faster.




Shop for Summer Tires with Avenue Nissan

We stock a variety of tires for every season or need. Not only that, we also offer tire storage for your off-season tires, in a secure, climate controlled facility. The next time you’re shopping tires for your Nissan, Avenue Nissan in Toronto, ON, should be your first destination.