OIL & Fillter

An oil change and filter replacement is an important preventative maintenance service to support maximum vehicle performance and extend the life of your vehicle. All moving engine parts need lubrication delivered by high quality oils and filters.

Our professionals check the oil's colour; if it's too light it could mean coolant is leaking into the engine. We also check for signs of metal in the oil which may indicate engine damage. We'll make sure you have the right oil for your vehicle and driving style: cold winters, hot summers and towing all point to synthetic oil, and the same applies if you do lots of short trips where standard oil may not get warm enough to burn off moisture and impurities.

Even if you're a low mileage driver you should still be getting that oil changed twice a year since oil becomes less effective as it ages. Many vehicles' systems now monitor mileage and can even sense how hard the car is being driven, notifying drivers when an oil and filter service is due - so be sure to get your oil change soon after you receive such an alert!

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