Nissan Leaf EV

Avenue Nissan is proud to be one of the few Nissan stores selected to showcase the Nissan Leaf EV (electric vehicle). While you may think that the only reason for driving an EV is the Zero Emission factor, you'd be surprised at what these vehicles offer to drivers; it's far more than being green.

Why drive a LEAF?

There are many reasons for driving a Nissan LEAF.

Cara Clairman, CEO of Plug'N Drive, Ontario's leading EV (Electric Vehicle) advocacy NFP, shares some of hers.

Everyone has their own reasons for driving an EV; what are yours?

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Benefits of LEAF?

What are the benefits of driving an EV like the Nissan LEAF?

Cara has a couple that she believes are important.

Watch what she says and see if you agree. Would you add any?

Find out more about EVs at Plug'N Drive and how their impact.

Financial relief with the Nissan LEAF.

There are automotive rebates and then there are EV REBATES!

Cara outlines some of the best reasons to go green with EVs like the Nissan LEAF - and you may be surprised at how good they are.

For more information on the Government of Ontario's EV Program, click here

What is it, exactly, that powers the Nissan LEAF?

Solar? Hydro-electric? Nuclear? A combination? All of the above? Is it expensive to charge a Nissan LEAF?

Cara answers all of these in our final segment and gives a little bit more info on powering a Nissan LEAF.

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