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Dashboard Indicator Lights: What Do They Mean? | Toronto, ON

Interior image of a car's dashboard.
Your vehicle’s warning lights are designed to alert you to serious problems, but do you understand what they mean? With this guide, you’ll be equipped to make sense of what your dashboard is trying to tell you.

Check Engine Light

A yellow check engine light can indicate a wide variety of issues, some more serious than others. As a general rule, if it’s glowing steadily, you should get your vehicle checked out — but it’s not an emergency. If this light is flashing, though, this indicates an urgent problem that you should take care of immediately to ward off major engine damage.
Check Engine Light | Toronto, ON

Battery Warning Light

Battery Warning Light | Toronto, ON
If your red battery warning light comes on, your vehicle’s charging system isn’t working properly. Your battery could be dying or dead, your alternator could be failing, or it could just be a loose or corroded wire or cable. Get this checked out as quickly as possible or you could be stuck with a dead battery and a car that won’t start.

Brake Warning Light

This red light alerts you if your brake system is malfunctioning in some way. If you see this warning, take your vehicle in for service as soon as you can. This light also activates if you drive with your parking brake on, so check that first.
Brake Warning Light | Toronto, ON

Oil Pressure Warning Light

Oil Pressure Warning Light | Toronto, ON

The red oil pressure warning light indicates that your engine isn’t getting enough oil to stay lubricated. If it comes on, pull over as soon as it’s safe so your engine doesn’t seize up and sustain serious damage. You might just need to add more oil, but this light can also be a sign of bigger problems.

Temperature Warning Light

If you see this red light, your vehicle may be overheating. Don’t keep driving — pull off the road so you don’t damage the engine. You could just be low on coolant, or there could something more serous going on. If you want to check your coolant level, make sure you wait until the engine has cooled down.
Temperature Warning Light | Toronto, ON
If you see these or any other dashboard lights and you’re not sure what’s going on, contact our service department at Avenue Nissan. We’re here to help you get the repairs or routine maintenance you need to travel safely.
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